Body Language Secrets – Deciphering the Signs

Knowing how to read women’s body language must be learned by men especially if there is somebody special they want to be with. Unconsciously, women tend to send more messages by men through body language and gestures. In general, the female body deals with survival, safety, and getting noticed. But more often than not, a lot of women’s body languages are misread.

In order to grasp what a woman’s body language is telling you, learn the secrets behind. How can you be nam 1998 menh gi certain that what you think she is implying is what she really wants? To get a good answer, read this.

Primary Gestures

Your initial step is pay attention to these signals. These primary gestures include: making eye contact with you, after which, she will look down slowly, either unto her lap or the table, or may also be down to the floor. Take note that the eye contact takes longer than usual. Her eyes may linger into yours for several seconds before taking her eyes off you.

The above mentioned gestures indicate that the woman likes you and she will not resist should you approach her. In ancient times, the looking-downward move is a submissive act. Hence, it serves as your go signal to go and talk to her.

Secondary Gestures

In the long run, as you gain more knowledge about body language secrets of women, you will come to know more interesting facts about their movements and will even begin to realize why some women are more enticing than others. Additionally, you will learn to comprehend deeper about several gestures that tell you when a woman likes your appeal.

The so-called “Intimate Gaze” is one of the secondary gestures. It is when a woman looks at one of your eyes first, then the other one, and then let her looks travel down unto your mouth. Some will even go past the mouth to a particular part down there.

Further along, another body language is the “hair toss” which intentionally exposes the neck. This movement is again, another submissive gesture, along with palm exposure as a non-threatening submissive move.

One attractive and seductive gesture made by a woman is the “Leg Twine.” This also denotes that she like you a lot. As she sits down and points her feet to your direction, and slides her foot out of from her shoe, perhaps you can easily tell what her subconscious mind is thinking. This act then leads to the famous “Leg Twine.”

As soon as you get your “dream” girl, continue to be on the lookout for subtle signals telling you to move closer. You should know that a man’s body language is the primary asset used by a woman to choose her boyfriend. Hence, studying the body language secrets of women will truly be worth it with regards to being a success with beautiful women.

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