Can I Work From Home?

I have a lot of people that are asking me that same question especially considering the tough economic times we live in. The best and easiest way is through a method called “blogging”. So what is “blogging” you ask? Basically, blogging can be an article, personal thoughts, video, pictures anything that you want to share with the entire world. Now blogging can be used in many effective ways to achieve income generation. In fact there are several books that have been written on the subject. What I want to do is highlight a few simple ways that you can get started and then I will subsequently get more detailed in a series of blogs that will give you step by step actions to take.

The first thing you have to do, is to decide what it is you want to sell. Since your desire is to make money on the internet, you have to have a blog page that generates income. There are literally thousands of products and services you can used auto parts highlight in your blog that will generate income. For example if you go to Amazon and become an affiliate of theirs you can make commissions on every product that they sell. The best thing to do in determining which product on their website to sell would be the one that was popular. Amazon has a best seller list that they highlight. You would simply pick one of the best sellers and write a product review of that particular product. When you become a Amazon affiliate they will give you an affiliate link that you would want to include on your blog so that when they clicked through to the particular item, it will be tagged with your specific affiliate link. That means you will get credit for that sale! The problem with that program is you would need to generate a mammoth amount of traffic as the commissions are relatively small. Some people will go to ClickBank. Same procedure as above but their commissions are higher. Again the idea is to find something that you want to sell that people want to buy.

Now that you have a product, you now have to write about it in your blog. Don’t just tell people about it. Sell it! You have to really give your readers buying reasons to click through. You have to paint a picture of your reader enjoying the product and how they would enjoy it. For instance if I am writing about a pair of outdoor speakers I would write something like “with the hi fidelity feature of the these speakers you could enjoy a symphony hall experience while relaxing in your pool.”

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