Denture Repair and Maintenance – How to Keep Them Looking Like New

For many members of the ‘more mature’ generation and for those who suffered from poor dental hygiene, dental appliances are often a fact of life. These items quickly become a vital part of life because they literally do become your smile. This means denture repair, maintenance, and daily care are vital to keeping them looking their best and lengthening their lifespan. Even though accidents are inevitable, you can do several things to limit the amount of time partial denture repair services have your smile.

The Daily Care Of Dentures And Partials

How your brush and clean the plate is vital to keeping them in good shape. First, always fill the sink with water when cleaning them to cushion the impact if they fall. You also want to use special denture toothpaste. Regular toothpaste looks identical, but it is more abrasive and can quickly remove the smooth finish.

You should never sleep with the appliance in your mouth at night, but letting it dry out isn’t good either. In fact, allowing it to dry can cause its shape to change — they will no longer fit properly and you might not have to have them reshaped or remade. When you take them out at night, always put the plate directly into the specialized cup you received with the appliance.

You can take a few additional steps to keep your mouth fresh and clean. First, soak your plate in commercial cleaning tablets such as Efferdent to kill off any bacteria and give them a deep clean. You will also want to soak them once a month in a mild bleach and water solution to prevent the growth of fungus. As for your mouth, rinse it thoroughly with mouthwash before putting your appliance in for the day. Lastly, send them in for an inspection and polishing on a regular basis.

Plate And Partial Denture Repair

If you notice anything uncomfortable or anything that doesn’t feel right, be sure to check it over extremely carefully. Start by looking along the mold to find missing pieces or damage. You also want to check the teeth to ensure they are not missing, loose, or chipped. As soon as you notice anything amiss, send them for repair right away to prevent things from getting far worse than they need to.

If you can’t see anything wrong, but are uncomfortable or they are causing sores, it is important to see your oral care professional as soon as possible. Letting things like this go can cause serious damage to your gums and jawbone. It is always best to have them repaired quickly so that you do not have to wait months for the partial denture repair to be made.

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