Is Buying A Second Hand Designer Prom Dress A Good Idea?

Prom is something most teenage girls dream about. For many it’s the first time in their life that they get the chance to wear a beautiful formal gown. Naturally, each girl wants to look her absolute best and a designer prom dress is desired by many. Unfortunately, buying a designer gown is too expensive for some, but is buying second hand an option? You bet it is.

A designer prom dress offers so much more than its department store counterpart. They’ve been designed by the world’s most talented designers, they use only the best fabrics, are better made, and above all, they’re more individual. A girl not only looks but feels sensational when wearing one.

But, what if a girl can’t afford or justify spending a large amount of money on a gown that is only going to be worn for, perhaps, one night? Does she have to make do with a cheap prom dress? The answer is no, she doesn’t.

Buying a second hand designer prom dress is a great option, and here’s why.

Prom gowns are worn very seldom, do si nguyen kien usually just the one time. So buying a second hand gown is not like buying any other article of second hand clothing. The gown will be practically brand new and will look exactly as it did when it was new. No one is going to know that the dress was previously worn by someone else.

Although clothing fashions change quickly from season to season, prom gowns don’t. Many styles like the Empire, Ball and A-line are timeless classics. They would have been worn by your mother and her mother. Even the more contemporary styles hardly change from year to year; these are, after all, formal gowns and as such they are designed to be elegant and classy and not flighty and forgettable. So, don’t worry about the second hand designer prom dress being unfashionable.

There’s also a lot of nonsense talked about ‘this season’s colors’. The fact is, most colors have been around for years; pastels and old favorites like deep reds and blues have been in fashion every season and always will be.

Another advantage about buying a designer dress second hand is that you can have more to spend on accessories. Accessories are what can really ‘lift’ a dress. By choosing accessories carefully – they don’t have to be expensive either – you can create a beautifully themed appearance that can look better than another girl who’s bought a brand new gown but chose her accessories badly.

Finally, many girls will sell their gowns after Prom is over. Well, you know what; you may even be able to sell your second hand designer prom dress, saving you even more money.

Don’t spend more than you can afford because of pier pressure. Be independent and strong and spend only what you feel comfortable spending. Buying a second hand designer prom dress is cheap but you’ll be wearing a gown of beauty and no one will know it is second hand. You too can look gorgeous for Prom.

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