Tips to Become a Good Soccer Goalie

When it comes to Penalty Kicks, the goalie is always at a huge disadvantage. However, there are certain things a Soccer goalie can do to increase his/her chances of saving a penalty kick. This article discusses some great Tips to Become a Good Soccer Goalie and How to Save a Penalty shot.

1) Favour One Side of the Goal.

Sometimes goalkeepers will strongly favour one side of the goal in an effort to trick the opposition into shooting the ball into the other side. At the point of the kick the goalkeeper will leap to the other side of the goal in an attempt to stop the ball.

2) Be lively on the Goal line.

You should always be on your toes as a goalkeeper. kenh bong da truc tiep This will increase the likeliness of you saving the shot. When you are “flat footed” your reaction time will greatly be reduced. Moving side to side on the line will also distract your opponent and make him lose concentration when it comes time to shoot the Soccer ball.

3) Look at the Shooters plant foot.

Generally the planting foot (the non-shooting foot) will be directed at the shooter’s desired target. Goalkeepers can use this little piece of information to their advantage. Notice where the planting foot is directed prior to the shot and favour this side.

4) Look at the Shooter’s eyes.

Most Soccer players will give hints to where they are shooting the ball. You just have to be aware and look for these “tells”. Some shooters will look directly at their desired target prior to shooting the ball. Take note of this and favour this side. Although, you may want to be aware of some players trying to throw you off and trick you by looking one way and shooting the other.

5) Get into the head of your opponent.

By getting into the head of your opponent you may be able to break their concentration and distract them during the Penalty shot. There are several things goalkeepers do, you may have your own tricks, but whatever the case, be sure to keep it in reason. You don’t want to get a Card for your antics.

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